Updated CrownedUp.com from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

I upgraded CrownedUp.com from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Many of the modules we like to use have ripened in D7 so its time to start thinking about upgrading sites. This CrownedUp.com blog is ultra simple so I thought a good place to test pre client. I did realize that I actually had about a dozen extra modules enabled to start. It was a little bumpy on upgrade but worked fairly painlessly.

• To start w/ use the Upgrade process @ Drupal.org

What I did:

  • I cleaned up the site; Users and Content
  • I disabled and uninstalled modules that I didn't want or were not available in D7
  • I disabled the modules that I planned to enable in D7
  • I switched to the Garland theme
  • I made a backup
  • I duplicated the DB and created a D7 install
    • I have nothing in the file structure that I need
  • I go to the site
    • I see empty pages
    • I run Drush update Database command
    • Pages load but theme is not applied
    • I login as Admin User 1
    • I run Update via the web interface
    • Theme is now applied
    • Config: Regional settings
    • Config: File system
    • Config: Appearance
    • Config: Site information
    • Alternately: one at a time enabled Modules and ran Update
    • Config: URL aliases
    • Administrator Role: Configuration » People » Account settings
  • Note: I don't like the terminology changes, specifically: Theme to Appearance & Users to People
  • Question: Are there leftover database tables left from modules that were disabled and not replaced?