CSS Injector module

Using the CSS Injector module to Theme Drupal 6

The CSS Injector module allows Users with the proper privileges to insert CSS into a Drupal page (ie: a designer). It's useful for adding CSS tweaks without modifying the site's theme directly. This module is NOT a replacement for full-fledged theming.

Theme Drupal via Zen theme & CSS Injector w/ image support via IMCE

We want to be able to, at least during development, allow an artist/designer/user to develop the theme CSS for a site as well as upload images for use with the CSS. Via a Zen sub theme with the CSS Injector and IMCE module we allow a designer or other user to theme a Drupal site without having other upload capabilities outside of Drupal. When the theming is done we wrap both the CSS from CSS injector and the images uploaded via IMCE into a final Zen sub theme.

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