Using the CSS Injector module to Theme Drupal 6

The CSS Injector module allows Users with the proper privileges to insert CSS into a Drupal page (ie: a designer). It's useful for adding CSS tweaks without modifying the site's theme directly. This module is NOT a replacement for full-fledged theming.

How-To the CSS Injector module

  1. read the README: ./css_injector/README.txt
  2. Install the module: ./admin/settings/css_injector
  3. Create new CSS: ./admin/settings/css_injector
  4. Edit permisions: ./admin/user/permissions


  • Creative individuals can use CSS to execute code on a client's browser, by injecting JS snippets. Treat the 'Administer CSS Injector' permission carefully, allowing untrusted individuals to use it is a security risk.
  • In Drupal Theme CSS is applied after modules. That means CSS from themes will override CSS from the CSS Injector module. To override CSS that is already applied, use the "!important" flag w/in the CSS tags you inject.
  • Our goal is to allow Role based access to edit CSS, without access outside of the Drupal interface. So I did a little research on CSS modules:


Check out the Skinr module too:

if you run a separate Administration Theme like I do, then only apply thee rules you are developing to the public pages of the site by:
Add the CSS on specific pages:
√ Add on every page except the listed pages.