Drupal 6 modify Page templates per node type.

I need to change the a page layout based on content type this is how I was able to add page.tpl.php suggestions to a Drupal 6 theme.

• Page templates depending on node type: https://drupal.org/node/249726
• NOTE D6 zen sub-theme: https://drupal.org/node/249726#comment-5823596

How-to create a simple Drupal XML node type

You want to use Flash or other dynamic elements in your Drupal site, you want these elements to reference dynamic XML (or minimally XML you can quickly change). You want a simple solution not overkill. You can code PHP and provide any of the data from your site but need to display an XML file.

Following are quick and dirty instructions to provide XML directly or generated by PHP in the body of a node. We do this by creating a new Content Type for XML, simplifying the templates, using PHP to create XML content and then the Path module to display the .xml extension to the node.

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