IMCE module

Format Drupal WYSIWYG editor to match theme CSS, including paragraph spacing.

I need the format of the WYSIWYG, w/ CKeditor pane, to match the display when viewing a node. Specifically I need this for clients so that they understand what they are actually formatting. You know What You See Is What You Get. Often you have a semi nice WYSIWYG editor but this does not perfectly match the display of the node.

First this means I want to hide all the extra formatting that can be added by Cut & Paste into the editor. A simple Cut & Paste will add all sorts of style elements. Second I need to remove the extra padding at the bottom of paragraphs, so that a single line break is a single line break.

following are my quick notes:

Theme Drupal via Zen theme & CSS Injector w/ image support via IMCE

We want to be able to, at least during development, allow an artist/designer/user to develop the theme CSS for a site as well as upload images for use with the CSS. Via a Zen sub theme with the CSS Injector and IMCE module we allow a designer or other user to theme a Drupal site without having other upload capabilities outside of Drupal. When the theming is done we wrap both the CSS from CSS injector and the images uploaded via IMCE into a final Zen sub theme.

Drupal image support dilemma

So if you are new to Drupal and it's terminology you may look around and wonder "what are all these image support options for Drupal?" Have you started with one and switched to another as you define your use cases? I have. Well, following are three basic starting points for image support w/ Drupal that I see:

    Provide users a WYSIWYG editor with image support in Drupal

    So you want to know how to allow a client or staff member to edit HTML content via a WYSIWYG editor w/ integrated and easy to use image support? We do this with Wysiwyg API, IMCE & IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge modules. The IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module is a support module to bridge between IMCE image upload/browsing capability and Wysiwyg editors, so have them both installed and working first. Following are my quick notes to provide Drupal users a WYSIWYG editor with image support:

    IMCE module for Image and File uploads

    The IMCE module for Image and File uploads, browsing and more in Drupal 5 & 6

    The IMCE module is an image/file uploader and browser that supports personal directories and quotas. IMCE can be used alone or integrated w/ WYSIWYG editors and other web applications (ie. FCKEditor, TinyMCE, WYMEditor, Whizzywig, BUEditor, & Wysiwyg API via the IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module).

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