Provide users a WYSIWYG editor with image support in Drupal

So you want to know how to allow a client or staff member to edit HTML content via a WYSIWYG editor w/ integrated and easy to use image support? We do this with Wysiwyg API, IMCE & IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge modules. The IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module is a support module to bridge between IMCE image upload/browsing capability and Wysiwyg editors, so have them both installed and working first. Following are my quick notes to provide Drupal users a WYSIWYG editor with image support:

  1. Install and configure IMCE module & Wysiwyg API module
  2. read the imce_wysiwyg/README.txt
  3. Install IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge module
  4. configure:
    • Home > Administer > User management > Roles >
      • create a role, "HTML editor", that will use the WYSIWYG editor and IMCE image browser
    • Home > Administer > Site configuration > Input formats >
      • Create an input format, "HTML editor"
      • Under Roles: choose the role created in the last step
    • Home > Administer > Site configuration > IMCE >
      • create an "HTML editor" profile
      • set its configurations
      • set directory to only access "html" or whatever directory you would like
    • Home > Administer > Site configuration > Wysiwyg >
      • edit appropriate profile for FCKeditor or TinyMCE & add both Image & IMCE buttons
    • Home > Administer > User management > Permissions >
      • allow the role you created access to edit/delete/create appropriate content

Note: how to limit which fields editor is available for, limit input type by field?


You can have the wysiwig editor use your style sheet when editing for a true wysiwyg experience, by setting the path to your stylesheet in the wysiwig setup. I use css-injector to speed most of my styling and have found that you can wildcard all created css files with this path: %b%t/../files/css_injector_*.css

I agree that IMCE does not have a great UX, but I think it is still the best option. I have tried all the others (I think) including Image Browser, but I keep going back to IMCE.