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These are my personal notes on the dated but still relevant link:


D8 on the street, Drupal 8 is released

Drupal 8 is on the street. After installing the standard D8 install profile, without any hangups, two things stood out immediately in the configuration. First ability to import and export configurations files, this is sweet. And secondly a base adaptive theme that looks nice from the start.

Reset Wifi Password GoPro Hero3+

So you set the wifi on Password GoPro Hero3+ and don't remember it. This is what you shall do:

Using the Drupal Session Limit module

Using the Drupal Session Limit module is easy and why not?

We had a client with a subscription content that wanted to limit account sharing abuse on his system. The solution was the simple to implement and administrate Drupal Session Limit module. It goes a little something like this »

Anais Nin

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Javascript Web Animation Resources

Years and years ago (when Flash was our only tool for web animation of any depth or expectation) it was easy to imagine a time when Javascript animation would blossom with editors and libraries that could fully empower professional multimedia presentation and interface enhancements. And now that time has finally arrived. It had been a few years since I I had looked at the possibilities, so I did a little digging on JS animation. Following my notes and links. The Smashing magazine article was good as were a couple tutorials. I am interested in the libraries; Web Animations API, Velocity.js, and Processing.js (note class). The animation editors look to have reached maturity I am hopeful for the Google Web Designer Beta and hope that it is easy to use the exportable code for animations as modules within larger development.

★ Access Pantheon mySQL w/ phpMyAdmin

  • 1.) You need a running install of phpMyAdmin someplace.
  • 2.) From the Connection Info button in the Site Dashboard at Pantheon...
  • 2.1) get information for the phpMyAdmin and ...
  • 2.2) get the username and password to login via phpMyAdmin.
  • 3.) Your in! Have fun.

    enjoy this info graphic:

S3 image fields w/ the Drupal Storage API module

The Drupal Storage API module allows you to host user uploaded image field files that are processed/sized locally on way to storage on Amazon S3 CDN. The Storage API module can be used for any images on your site.
  • Storage API:
  • Download:
  • Read:
    • No README.txt? ...but linked screencasts from module page

Promote your Website with Twitter in 8 steps

BeatnikDude's 8 crazy tricks to promote your website with Twitter.

Twitter is the popular social media micro-blogging site. Its a free promotional channel for you, but you need to work at it. Grow your audience by tweeting, retweeting, following, using #hashtags and the @symbol daily. alpha is public

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