How to Delete old photos from iPhone

How to Delete old photos from iPhoneSo I have been clicking happily away w/ my iPhones for years, collecting thousands of photos.

Modify/Edit/Delete iCal Calendars in OSX lion; name, colors, accounts, etc

The new iCal on OS X lion 10.7 does not offer a straightforward way to modify Calendars; colors, names, etc.. I specifically had extra calendars added and colander colors changed on updates involving iCloud. This is how I was able to update my iCal Calendars.

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Solution to MacBook Pro connects to AirPort/Wi-Fi but can't access internet.

My brand new MacBook Pro will connect to my wireless network, but can NOT access the Internet. Other computers on the same wireless network can connect to the Internet.

I had tried the standard rebooting of the computer as well as removing then adding the specific wireless network again, via System Preferences>>Network >> Advanced Settings. Neither helped.

The solution was to completely remove the Airport/Wi-Fi interface and then add it again. As follows:

Include track names on Itunes audio CDs

Since a recent OS X update the behavior of my burnt CD's has been wonky (to be polite).

Unless you burn an audio CD as the full album and the track name service Gracenote recognizes it, you can not share track information via an audio CD.

You would think that to guarantee track names are included when burning an audio CD from Itunes you would check: √ "Include CD Text" via the "Burn Settings" dialog. But this will NOT be recognized by Itunes (currently).

Remove Mobile Me MobileMe icon & System Preferences pane Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Remove MobileMe icon from Menu Bar in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

I don't use MobileMe, I don't want monthly charges nor do I want to store my data elsewhere. So needless to say I don't want a MobileMe icon on my finder bar, so I remove it. It's so easy, literally click and drag it off the menu bar:

Key Startup Keys: Apple MacOS X Boot Key Combos


Here is a list of the key boot keys for Apple MacOS X. Wether you need to startup from CD to use a system disk or need to startup the bosses machine in firewire mode for a quick backup of intellectual property this is the handy list for you.

Securely Erase files on OS X via the Finder and the Terminal

Simple but secure deletion of files can be done on OS X via the Finder or the Terminal program:

Change the Apple Logo & Background Image on the Login Screen in OSx 10.5 Leopard

All you need to change the Apple Logo & Background Image on the Login Screen in OSx 10.5 Leopard is the terminal and an art program.

If you don't know what the terminal is you should not use it. It is located here: >>Applications>>Utilities>>Terminal and you type in the commands below. ;)

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