Key Startup Keys: Apple MacOS X Boot Key Combos


Here is a list of the key boot keys for Apple MacOS X. Wether you need to startup from CD to use a system disk or need to startup the bosses machine in firewire mode for a quick backup of intellectual property this is the handy list for you.

Hold down the following keys during startup for the desired effect

  • Boot from CD: C
  • Boot first internal Drive: D
  • Boot from External Drive or CD: CMD-OPT-SHIFT-DELETE
  • Startup in Firewire mode: T
  • Flash PRAM: CMD-OPT-P-R (Erases PRAM, hold until chime)
  • Disable Extensions: SHIFT
  • Rebuild Desktop: CMD-OPT
  • Eject removable media: Mouse Button
  • Single-user mode: CMD-S (shell-level mode)
  • Verbose Mode: CMD-V (watch the system load)


Flashed my pram. Thx

Flashed my PRAM, Ejected Disk, and started in Target Disk Mode. All your instructions worked, but alas, my computer doesn't.