Format Drupal WYSIWYG editor to match theme CSS, including paragraph spacing.

I need the format of the WYSIWYG, w/ CKeditor pane, to match the display when viewing a node. Specifically I need this for clients so that they understand what they are actually formatting. You know What You See Is What You Get. Often you have a semi nice WYSIWYG editor but this does not perfectly match the display of the node.

First this means I want to hide all the extra formatting that can be added by Cut & Paste into the editor. A simple Cut & Paste will add all sorts of style elements. Second I need to remove the extra padding at the bottom of paragraphs, so that a single line break is a single line break.

following are my quick notes:

Modify Ubercart invoice template and sort by SKU

I needed to modify the Ubercart invoice template. This invoice template appears to the user online and in email and is also used by the store admin to review/print/email/etc. invoices.
I needed to do some light modifications like; modify "Products on order:" to list products one per line as well as sort products by model (a SKU in my case).

  1. Changing the general template is easy, info about the templates files can be found here:

John Adams

The middle way is no way at all.

Seattle Criminal Defense website

Seattle Marijuana DUI? Now that marijuana is legal in Washington, can you get a DUI when you smoke? The answer is yes, read more at Seattle Marijuana DUI.

from Cato by Joseph Addison

We can not insure success, but we can deserve it.

SPF - Sender Policy Framework

SPAM generally contains a false sender address (return-path), this is "Sender Address Forgery". This is a problem if the email address(es) that are forged in torrents of SPAM belong to you. You will know this is the case when you receive the bounces and out-of-office replies from those SPAM emails.

SPF or Sender Policy Framework allows you to protect your domain from this abuse.

SPF is a record in the Domains DNS zone that allows an email recipient to verify that email originated with the server(s) designated by the domain owner.

Include track names on Itunes audio CDs

Since a recent OS X update the behavior of my burnt CD's has been wonky (to be polite).

Unless you burn an audio CD as the full album and the track name service Gracenote recognizes it, you can not share track information via an audio CD.

You would think that to guarantee track names are included when burning an audio CD from Itunes you would check: √ "Include CD Text" via the "Burn Settings" dialog. But this will NOT be recognized by Itunes (currently).

come into my Webform, using the Drupal Webform module

Following are my quickie notes about the must use Webform module. Whether your needs are a simple Email signup, contact form or for more complex submissions Webform is likely where you will start.
The Drupal Webform module adds a webform node type to your Drupal site. Webforms can be used as newsletter signups, questionnaires, contact/signup/request forms, surveys, polls or a front end to an issue tracking system.

CrownedUp is wearing the Drupal Wabi theme

CrownedUp has been sitting to long in its birthday suit and I have yet to find the time to do some of that C.Z.I. magic I like to brag about. So I was shopping for something clean, simple and configurable for a quick facelift. The Drupal Wabi theme has some great features: colorable theme, 2 column and 3 column layout, liquid and fixed. So I thought what the heck. CrownedUp is now wearing the Drupal Wabi theme.

Drupal Wabi theme:
• enable: Home » Administer » Site building » Themes

Import flat sites with Drupal Import HTML module

Import HTML module
Module looks like very useful option for importing flat HTML sites into a drupal install, I tested it out. Some features include: maintain URLs, re-create menu structure, validate & improve markup, import Metadata and will operate over thousands of pages.
• Import HTML module project page
- √ the help: very good documentation


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