Webform module

Our new Drupal 7 site: this one for fun.

The New BBros.us site fresh for 2012, funner than ever.


• We committed to Drupal as our development platform at Drupal 4.7.

• We had built BBros.us in 4, 5, 6 and now 7.

• Here is my reflection on our new site. Caution adult content. ;) >>

come into my Webform, using the Drupal Webform module

Following are my quickie notes about the must use Webform module. Whether your needs are a simple Email signup, contact form or for more complex submissions Webform is likely where you will start.
The Drupal Webform module adds a webform node type to your Drupal site. Webforms can be used as newsletter signups, questionnaires, contact/signup/request forms, surveys, polls or a front end to an issue tracking system.

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