Create a User managed SlideShow on Drupal 6 w/ the CCK, FileField, ImageField, ImageAPI, ImageCache & Thickbox modules.

These are quick instructions to allow a specific user Role (ie: client/staff/designer) to manage a web based SlideShow using Drupal. This SlideShow setup can be used; either for a specific number of SlideShow nodes to be edited by the user, or a SlideShow content type to be managed by the user. This setup is tested on Drupal 6 w/ GD2 using the Content Construction Kit (CCK), FileField, ImageField, ImageAPI w/ ImageAPI GD2, ImageCache & Thickbox modules.

Install and Enable:

  1. Content Construction Kit (CCK) module
  2. FileField module
  3. ImageField module
  4. ImageAPI module w/ (enable either ImageAPI GD2 or ImageAPI ImageMagick)
  5. ImageCache module
  6. Thickbox module

Set up and Configure:

  • Configure ImageAPI: ./admin/settings/imageapi
  • Configure Images (file & size settings): ./admin/settings/image
  • Configure ImageCache (presets, I created a thumbnail for use on the page): ./admin/build/imagecache
  • Create a new Content Type "SlideShow": ./admin/content/types/add
    • on the new "SlideShow" Content Type: ./admin/content/types
      • Click the "manage fields" link: add an Image field
      • Click the "manage fields" link: configure the new Image field
        • allow for more than one Image under "Number of values"
      • Click the "Fields" tab: configure the display of the "SlideShow" Image field
  • Create a new "SlideShow" node: ./node/add/slideshow
    • add some images
  • Configure Thickbox: ./admin/settings/thickbox
  • On the new "SlideShow" Content Type: ./admin/content/types
    • Click the "Fields" tab: configure the display of the "SlideShow" Image field
      • Display the "Thickbox" display for the full node.
  • Edit Permissions to allow access to the appropriate role: ./admin/user/permissions
    • for single node access allow them to "edit any slideshow content" and only have a limited number of "SlideShows" nodes
    • to allow them to manage the Slideshow content type,allo wthem to "edit any slideshow content" as well as "create slideshow content"


hi crownedup,

thanks for your explication. to me this seems to be a slideshow to click through and not one thats playing automatically - or did i miss something in your explanation?


Your are right this is is Click Thru slideshow via ThickBox.
These days for an auto playing slideshow managed by a user (or not) I use CCK, Imagefield, Views and Views Slideshow modules.
thanks for reading,