Theme Drupal via Zen theme & CSS Injector w/ image support via IMCE

We want to be able to, at least during development, allow an artist/designer/user to develop the theme CSS for a site as well as upload images for use with the CSS. Via a Zen sub theme with the CSS Injector and IMCE module we allow a designer or other user to theme a Drupal site without having other upload capabilities outside of Drupal. When the theming is done we wrap both the CSS from CSS injector and the images uploaded via IMCE into a final Zen sub theme.

The set up:

After CSS styling is complete:

  • integrate theme elements into the theme file
    • move the the entire from css directory into your theme directory
    • copy the css from the CSS Injector module into the theme style sheet
  • disable CSS Injector module
  • disable IMCE module (if not used elsewhere)
  • remove Site Editor role from users

Notable Notes:

  • Do not call your IMCE directories "css" or "html" as these are reserved names in the /sites/example-url/file directories. Not really documented, I found it by experience.