Zen theme with Drupal

Zen theme & sub themes for Drupal

If you are building your own standards-compliant theme for Drupal, start with the Zen theme. Its an easy and clean theme with great documentation both included and available online. It has the support of a large community of developers and users. The Zen theme is meant to be a very flexible standards-compliant and semantically correct XHTML theme that can be easily modified through CSS and Drupal’s template system. I have found it works well alongside the CSS Injector module.

Create a User managed SlideShow on Drupal 6 w/ the CCK, FileField, ImageField, ImageAPI, ImageCache & Thickbox modules.

These are quick instructions to allow a specific user Role (ie: client/staff/designer) to manage a web based SlideShow using Drupal. This SlideShow setup can be used; either for a specific number of SlideShow nodes to be edited by the user, or a SlideShow content type to be managed by the user. This setup is tested on Drupal 6 w/ GD2 using the Content Construction Kit (CCK), FileField, ImageField, ImageAPI w/ ImageAPI GD2, ImageCache & Thickbox modules.


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